Enteprise Analysis, Part I

In a Business Analysts forum, recently a request was posted to elaborate on the term Enterprise Analysis and provide the process or method to carry-out Enterprise Analysis. The term “Enterprise Analysis” itself sounds very heavy & loaded. Literally, it would mean carrying out analysis of the enterprise products & services, processes, systems, organisation structures, and […]

Business Analysis Framework: IIBA’s BABOK

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is one such institution working in the field of business analysis, which has taken an early initiative in establishing a universal framework to enable the business analyst practitioners to perform business analysis. IIBA’s Business Analysis Body Of Knowlede (BABOK) provides an approach that the business analysts practitioners are recommended […]

Business Analysis: the definition and scope, Part I

A number of times, when we organise events or hold discussions about practice and domain of Business Analysis and Business Analysis Certifications , I receive queries from a wide range of professionals like financial analysts, investment analysts, business planners, business strategists, business consultants, process analysts, subject matter experts or domain experts, IT Consultants, functional consultants, […]

Certifications in Business Analysis: Certified Professional for Requirement Engineering from IREB

Certified Professional for Requirement Engineering (CPRE) is a certification offered by Germany based International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB). IREB was formed in 2006 in Germany with an objective to establish a certification model, syllabi, and exams. IREB views Requirements Engineering as the first step in software development consisting of activities such as elicitation, analysis, specification, […]

Certifications in Business Analysis: CCBA & CBAP from IIBA

Business Analysis as a domain has received a lot of attention from students and working IT professionals thanks to the lucrative career prospects it offers. Business Analysts play a very critical role in software development or system implementation projects. As a result both IT companies as well as user organisations employ “Business Analysts” for user […]

Conducting Effective Project Meetings

As a project manager – you are required to communicate with project stakeholders, such as project sponsor, business teams, project team members, for reviews, status updates, issue resolutions, etc. Meetings is considered an effective tool to achieve this. However, many times meetings do not achieve the expected outcomes. This post looks at some simple Dos […]